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Red Claw Seafood School

We partnered with Executive Chefs Dan Hong & Jordan Toft, to create videos showing the different types of seafood, how easy it is to prepare them & how to create some incredible dishes at home.

Behind-The-Scenes At Sydney’s Fish Market With Red Claw Seafood

Restaurants by fish markets serve the freshest catch, right? Maybe. So they’re the best, right? Not necessarily.

Red Claw Seafood wants to change how you think about fresh fish. Based in Sydney, the company is owned by husband-and-wife team Richard and Thuy Pinson.

They started the company as a side project while working desk jobs in Tasmania. “I went to university with guys involved in seafood and spent a lot of time in Sydney buying seafood,” comments Richard. “It occurred to me that companies were sending all the really good stuff to China and not very much good stock was going Sydney.”

So they decided to change how seafood gets sold.